Full lifecycle management of
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on blockchain

Full lifecycle management of
assets digital content contracts

on blockchain

What is Toolblox?

Toolblox is a no-code smart contract builder. With blockchain technology you can engage more customers and business partners and collaborators, enabling greater connectivity and exchange of value.


Role-based access

48generalwarning1211237 Flows can be used by different categories of users with access only to specific parts of the object life-cycle to add information, specifications etc.


48generalqr1211240 Payments are built-in in case your business process includes them. No need for middlemen or payment providers.

No upfront investment

48generalshield1211247 No-code approach lets you create working apps without any software development costs. Much faster prototyping of business models and pilot projects.

Custom branding

48generaldesign1211244 Toolblox enables you to design your app the way you wish with your own brand logo and colour themes.

Low operational costs

data48generaldata1211250 Reduce time for administrative tasks with less phone calls and emails between business partners.

Process tracking

data48generaldata1211250 End-users can check evidence of origin, up-to-date information and other claims via shareable QR codes.

Accounting and treasury

data48generaldata1211250 No more data silos. Extract insights and cooperate using a single source of tamper-proof data.

Data transparency & security

data48generaldata1211250 Data on blockchain is open and verifiable by anybody. Sensitive data can be protected through encryption.

Powered by blockchain

data48generaldata1211250 We support fast and low-cost public blockchains: Near, Aurora, Polygon, Evmos, Avalanche, Ethereum.


example screenshot

Get price quote for 3D printing

example flow

Users can ‘Create’ a request for price quote from a 3D printing service. The request will go to status ‘Offer made’ after a quote has been given by the print studio and the user can then either ‘Reject’ the price offer or ‘Accept’ it and immediately pay the price as well. The service can then print and mark it as sent to finalize the workflow.

Use as template
example screenshot

New user registration with payment

example flow

A flow for organizations to vet users and accepts membership payments. Any user can 'Request membership' - it is then up to the organization to either 'Reject' or 'Accept request'. Upon acceptance the user must pay the stated membership fee for the membership to go to 'Active' state.

Use as template
Other examples of smart contracts
Create smart contracts using no-code smart contract builder or via templates

Management of material, information and capital flows as well as cooperation among companies along the supply chain

Sustainable supply chain management

ESG reporting

Manage Asset Backed Securities (ABS) on blockchain

Online shop and accept crypto payments

Manage voting in DAO

Manage and track your orders

Manage and track your parcels in logistics

Manage and track your documents, sales proposals

Create a full life-cycle flow for a certain product (coffee, rice, pineapple) starting from farms, production, export ect.

NFT smart contract

Deploy smart contracts on multiple blockchains
Many blockchains can be used: Aurora, Near, Ethereum.
Many blockchains can be used: Polygon, Evmos, Avalanche.


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Software architect and team lead with extensive experience in various domains such as commodities trading, public sector and large scale e-commerce.

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Previously worked in start-ups as project, sales and HR manager.

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