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Try out AI generation, Contract Maker and DApp builder with some limitations.

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Unlock Contract Maker with source code access, Asset Dashboard and more

  • Lifetime access
  • 20 AI credits
  • 10 TIX tokens reward7
  • Extract source code
  • Auto-generated docs
  • Template gallery
  • Audit availability


from $999/mo

Build a fully integrated professional hosted DApp or MVP with AI-helpers & no-code.

  • 3 Smart-contracts
  • 20 AI credits
  • Everything in One-time plan
  • DApp Maker
  • Public DApp hosting
  • API access / Bubble plugin

from $19/mo

For when you need more freedom to build - like adding cross contract calls in a multi-asset scenario.

  • 10 Smart-contracts
  • 40 AI credits
  • Everything in One-time plan
  • DApp Maker
  • Public DApp hosting
  • API access / Bubble plugin

from $39/mo

Let's get serious! More projects, more capacity for integrations and more AI credits per month.

  • 30 Smart-contracts
  • 60 AI credits
  • Everything in One-time plan
  • DApp Maker
  • Public DApp hosting
  • API access / Bubble plugin


from $199/mo

The full Toolblox feature set and reactive support to develop tailored smart-contracts as a team or agency.

  • Unlimited smart-contracts
  • 200 AI credits
  • Everything in Starter plan
  • Free audited smart-contracts
  • Custom theming
  • Team sharing

Custom project

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Work with Toolblox to determine and implement the best tokenization solution for you.

  • Ideation workshop
  • Tokenization analysis
  • Audit management
  • Custom integrations
  • Custom DApp
  • Monitoring & hypercare
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One-time Starter Professional Custom
Smart-contracts 1 3 | 10 | 30 Unlimited Unlimited
Blockchain deployments Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Hosted DApps 0 1 | 3 | 5 (5 pages) 15 (20 pages) Unlimited
AI credits per month1 20 20-60 200 Unlimited
API requests - 1k | 5k | 10k 4 100k 2 1m
Traffic allowance 5 100MB 5GB | 20GB | 50GB 4 200GB 2 1TB
Contract Builder
DApp Builder
Smart-contract auditing6
Auto-generated documentation
Asset dashboard
Smart-contract template gallery
Extract source code
Asset dashboard
Cross-workflow communication
DApp hosting
API/plugin access
Notifications Coming soon
Team sharing Coming soon
Audited smart-contracts Extra Extra Free Free
Project transfer to client3
Custom integrations
Enterprise SSO

All prices are per user, per month.

1 Additional credits cost 0.29$ (not available on Free plan). Credits can be used to make AI calls such as creating or making updates using text.

2 Contact us for extensions on the Professional plan. In/out traffic per month, counting DApp usage (test or live).

3 Under our Professional Plan, agencies are eligible to receive 20% of the subscription fees paid by their referred customers for the duration of 12 months. This revenue share will be disbursed in the form of fixed-value coupons, calculated and issued on a quarterly basis. In addition, the Agency Plan includes a consultancy provision: agencies have access to 1 hour per month of confidential consultations with Toolblox™ for a duration of three months. Size of coupons calculated quarterly.

4 Starter plan is split into 3 tiers for maximum flexibility. The prices displayed correspond to our Tier 1 offerings. Please note, the costs for Tiers 2 and 3 increase proportionally, with each subsequent tier priced at an additional multiple of the Tier 1 cost.

5 Traffic allowance covers API usage, plugin (e.g. Toolblox plugin for Bubble) usage and Asset Dashboard usage.

6 Smart contract audits have their own separate pricing which is dependent on the complexity of the workflow and also additional services which can be added.

7 Distributed only with crypto payment option. TIX is a utility token with the aim to democratize blockchain development and tokenization of real-world assets and services. Please refer to our whitepaper for more information.

Many blockchains can be used: Aurora, Taraxa, Near, Ethereum.
Many blockchains can be used: Aurora, Near, Ethereum.
Many blockchains can be used: Polygon, Evmos, Avalanche.
How to videos, QnA sessions and much more.
Come and learn how to build Smart Contracts!
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